Strategy and Competitive Advantages

The Company’s goal is the creation of value through the rapid and sustainable growth of its business. Trisul intend to achieve this goal by implementing the following strategies:

  • Continue to offer projects to middle and high-income customers.
  • Expand its operations into additional major housing markets.
  • Develop an internal sales team.
  • Benefit from the availability of credit to strategically leverage its business.
Competitive Advantages
Trisul has the following competitive advantages:

  • Recognized expertise in the low-income segment with superior growth potential in the real estate industry.
  • Product offerings in line with its strategy and Landbank.
  • Continuous offering of highly profitable products.
  • Integrated real estate development and construction.
  • Controlled costs and increase in economies of scale in the purchase of raw materials.
  • Preservation of margins in construction activities, including through favorable arrangements with outsourced labor providers.
  • Perform quality control in all phases of development and construction, including by entering into arrangements with contractors and suppliers in order to ensure the availability of adequate supplies even during periods of rapid expansion of its activities.
  • Adjusted construction schedules according to its receivables cash flows.
  • Strategic participation in the consolidation of the Brazilian real estate industry.
  • Experienced management with a results-oriented approach.

Last update: February 10, 2020

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