Strategy and Competitive Advantages


The company’s strategy aims at the sustainable expansion of its activities, building on its competitive advantages and based on the following principles:

  • Resilient business strategy, underpinned by the culture of controlling shareholders being actively involved in the Company’s core activities.
  • The exploitation of opportunities in the economic (ELEV) and medium and high standard (MAP) segments in the city of São Paulo. With the new changes to the Minha Casa Minha Vida (MCMV) program, Trisul is also adapting to the new rules and has a robust Landbank for future launches in this segment.
  • Premium landbank built over the last few years, with unique and non-replicable locations – close to subways and important mobility points and commercial axes. We have developed a partnership model between our sales and development teams, which allows us a fast, assertive and highly liquid development cycle.
  • Own sales team (Trisul House) with brokers specialized in our products to provide the best service to our customers. And a very close relationship with third party real estate agents from all over the market through Trisul Partnerships.
  • Taking advantage of the Company’s credit availability to leverage its operations.
Competitive Advantages
Trisul has the following competitive advantages:

  • Methodology that allows us to have predetermined construction standards that can be replicated in architectural, structural, hydraulic and electrical projects, as well as to retain suppliers of finishing materials such as doors, windows and ceramics, providing a gain in scale and reducing costs, thus ensuring the maintenance of our profitability margins.
  • Short land development and construction cycle, thanks to our market intelligence and new land prospecting team, which puts into practice our strategy of acquiring land in consolidated areas, with well-developed urban infrastructure and low regulatory risk.
  • Attractive business model, with flexibility and consolidated methodology. We believe we have a differentiated business model resulting mainly from the following factors: (i) the purchase of strategically located land at favorable prices and conditions; (ii) preservation of the construction margin by having our own engineering teams, construction masters and construction equipment; (iii) low operating and administrative costs; and (iv) the ability to identify and develop the most appropriate products for each land acquired, in order to ensure greater liquidity and profitability for the project.
  • Better cost control and greater scale in the purchase of raw materials. We believe that the strategy adopted for Trisul projects, with predetermined and modular construction standards, enables scale production at competitive costs through the standardization of construction materials and finishes, in addition to the gain in labor productivity, providing greater profitability.
  • Strong quality control at all stages of the process, including an increased capacity to plan with contractors and raw material suppliers in order to ensure adequate supply even in a scenario of strong growth in the Company’s activities.
  • The adequacy of construction schedules to the Company’s cash flow receivables.
  • Strategic willingness and active participation in the sector’s representative bodies.
  • Experienced, results-oriented and efficient management.

Last update: July 20, 2023

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